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The Best Places To Paddleboard In Cornwall And Devon

Venturing to the south of England, in the wonderful counties of Cornwall and Devon, opens up a number of fantastic paddleboarding locations. Not only are there an array of brilliant beaches and coastal coves, but there are also a number of hidden lakes and river access points that allow for a more secluded adventure.

Whether you are spending your summer on the southern coast or would like to add more locations to your paddleboarding bucket list, then we have some of the best places for you.

Mothecombe Beach

Also known as Meadowsfoot Beach, Mothecombe Beach is a true gem of England’s south. In addition to being a vast and pristine shore, one with a remarkable vista, it is also relatively sheltered, making it an ideal location for visiting the beach at any time of year.

Those who head down during the summer will find clear waters, with the potential for small waves, especially on a windy day, but no suitable landscape for surfing. This is good news for those who want to paddleboard because it means the water will be less crowded and more suitable for a relaxing paddle.

Those who venture out during winter will certainly find the area to be much quieter. However, it also becomes host to a number of cold water swimming groups, so you might find an adventurous crowd plunging into the water on the weekends!

Whitsand Bay

Not far from Plymouth, on the Rame Peninsula, is a hidden and serene bay known as Whitsand. Tucked at the bottom of a steep hill, one that carries the coastal path, Whitsand is a vast beach that, during low tide, can be walked across all the way to Freathy.

For paddleboarders, it is an ideal location. Promising you can navigate your way to the sand with a board, preferably an inflatable one, you will be given access to a secluded area that has both calm and pristine waters, with a number of small coves and private areas to explore.

Those who want to push themselves can also paddle around the coast and aim for Cawsand, earning themselves a Cornish pasty at the end of the adventure.


Dartmoor is home to a number of great paddleboarding spots and, of them all, Spitchwick is considered to be the most beautiful. While it can get quite crowded during the holiday season and weekends, those who are willing and able to venture out early or during the week, will find themselves with access to an immersive landscape.

Across the water, there are a number of hidden spots that are ideal for a respite or picnic. The water is also clean and calm, making it a great place for a summer’s dip too. In fact, Spitchwick is a favourite spot among many local wild swimming communities too.

It can be a little difficult to navigate one’s way to the water, especially if arriving by car, as some paths are unclear or uneven. As such, it is recommended that you give yourself plenty of time to explore the area if arriving for the first time.

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