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Planning a UK Holiday with Kids

There are a lot of great family vacation spots in the United Kingdom. As we discussed in our article on ‘Mainstream Traveler Goals in the UK’, you and your family can enjoy looking around schools in Oxford, the medieval villages in the Cotswolds, or even a trip to London, to name just a few. The UK is certainly a good destination if you want to give your children a unique cultural experience.

Although England saw a 65% decrease in visitors in 2020 mainly due to COVID, travel is expected to bounce back soon as vaccinations and more relaxed restrictions are being rolled out. It’s likely that even in the ‘new normal’, the UK’s museums, art galleries, historic properties, and other indoor attractions won’t be as crowded as before. There are also a number of country parks, zoos, and gardens you can enjoy safely.

So without further ado, here are a few tips on how to plan a holiday for your kids in the UK:

Map out a child-friendly itinerary

Before you start checking flights, it’s important to spend time researching suitable attractions for your kids to visit. For instance, the British Museum is particularly good to visit if your kids have an interest in mummies and Egyptology. On the other hand, the Natural History Museum would be a hit if your children love dinosaurs. So if you’re unsure, try to ask your children what they would like to do on their trip, as you’ll find that they’ll be much easier to travel with if they’re interested in the destination in question.

Check the weather forecast

Because the UK is between the Atlantic Ocean and continental Europe, the weather is extremely unpredictable. You could get warm weather in mid-February, rain in August, or both in one day. According to National Geographic’s feature on UK meteorology, over six million weather observations come in every day to the Met Office (the UK’s national weather service), so it’s best to check the weather forecast several times a day to get updates. Be sure to pack plenty of layers and waterproof clothing for your family, and have some contingency plans to visit indoor attractions on gloomy days.

Keep your children comfortable at all times

While many tourist spots and sightseeing attractions in the UK are beautiful, they may not be particularly easy for young children to travel to. These places could be too tiring, too cold, or too vast to walk around, so the best thing you can do is to bring along a pram or pushchair so your children can rest when they are tired. There’ll also be no to stop your tours when they are tired if you have a double pushchair with you. The double prams from iCandy represent how new models are easy to maneuver through doorways and public transportation, so you won’t have to worry about your children getting irritable about not being able to take a rest. Packing extra clothes, snacks, and diapers can also help ensure you don’t get too stressed on your holiday either. After all, it’s much easier to travel if your kids aren’t asking you to stop every five minutes.

Use public transportation

Public transportation is the cheapest, most efficient way to travel around the UK. If you’re in London, it’s worth taking a trip on one of the city’s iconic, red double-decker buses. And if you want to get around the city even quicker, the famous London Underground will only be a short walk away no matter where you’re in the city. The Tube subway system offers special fares and discounts for kids and young teenagers. Try to give your little ones a taste of each experience, and make sure to buy your tickets in advance to avoid any rush hour stress.

Research on where to eat

Cafes, tea shops, and food vans are generally good places to grab a bite to eat if you’re traveling with children, as restaurants could get a little tricky. It’s a mixed bag; some restaurants offer high chairs and children’s food, but others don’t accept children after 6pm. What you can do is research ahead of time. There are plenty of child-friendly restaurants in London that can accommodate all ages. Child-friendly chain restaurant Giraffe serves international dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They even have healthy, vegetarian dishes that kids love. You can also visit inamo for some Asian-fusion cuisine. inamo restaurants feature retro games and interactive tables on-site that makes the whole experience fun for all the family.

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