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How to Travel Solo and Stay Safe

Travelling alone has become more common, even among women. Somehow, it gives you that feeling that you are totally free and in control of your time and activities. The fact that you are in unfamiliar surroundings makes it even more exciting. You can go and explore the different sites you’ve always wanted to visit at your own time. And when you feel like lazing around and having a game or two at online casino NetBet, you can take as much time as you want. Follow your schedule and that will work just fine for you.

However, going solo also means being more cautious about where you go and the things you do in another country. You can never tell what kind of dangers there may be, and you have no one to keep you safe but yourself. If you read through the tips on traveling solo below, you can be better equipped to handle any situation away from home on your own and avoid risks to your safety.

Keep yourself connected to friends and family

There is no longer any reason not to remain in contact with friends and family back home when you travel. Mobile devices and the internet allow you to keep in touch wherever you are. If your mobile device has roaming capacities, you’ll be well and good. If not, other ways, such as renting phones and international SIM cards, can do the job. People back home need to be advised of your itinerary, hotel, and other important information, so they are updated about where you are. Should any untoward incident occur, they are the first ones to help you out.

Be cautious at all times

Being alone means that you have to watch your back. You are in another country and not sure of how safe you are. Even if you are in your hotel, you should keep yourself protected when inside your room. Always make sure that your door is locked and you are secure. Never open your door unless you are expecting someone to come over. Do the same when you leave. Keep your valuables in the hotel safe and avoid wearing expensive jewellery or carrying costly gadgets when you tour around the area.

Act like you know the area

When you are out on your own, always act confident. Show people around you that you know where you are going. Avoid looking through your guidebook as it could send a signal that you are a tourist, making you an easy target for people preying on foreigners who look unsure and don’t know their way around. If you feel you need directions to any place, in particular, it is always best to go to a cafe or store and make your queries there. Asking strangers can be risky as you may never know their intentions.

There is no problem with travelling solo. People do it all the time and enjoy their trip to the fullest. However, it would be best if you took extra precautions because you are more vulnerable alone. It would help if the people you meet knew you had company waiting for you somewhere in the area. Keep your chin up and show them that you are familiar with your surroundings and know how to take care of yourself.


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