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Christmas Gift Ideas For Outdoorsy Friends & Family By Activity

Finding the right Christmas gift for an outdoorsy friend or family member can be quite the challenge, especially if you’re not entirely sure what is involved with the activity. Who, for example, outside of surfers, might know their neoprene from their yulex?

This shouldn’t deter you from trying, however, because supporting an outdoorsy personality with a considered gift can be incredibly rewarding, especially for those looking to take their outdoor activity or hobby to the next level. To help, we’ve broken down some of the most popular examples of outdoor activities and shared ideas for the best gift to give this Christmas.

Wild Swimming

  • Swim cap – a swim cap doesn’t just keep hair from getting wet or a head from getting cold, it’s also important for visibility. They come in an array of styles and colours, making them a statement piece many swimmers are proud of.
  • Tow float – those looking to swim in more extreme waters or paddle out further with confidence will need a tow float to ensure they remain safely visible from afar.
  • Changing robe – whether swimming in summer or winter, the transition from the water to dry land can be an unpleasant one. A good, thick changing robe will make this much easier.


  • Anchor kit – some SUP enthusiasts ride their boards out to places of tranquillity for yoga, photography, or even fishing. An anchor kit can be the perfect support to ensure they remain stable while they enjoy their activity.
  • Sports camera – People who love paddleboarding tend to be especially enthusiastic about the adventures and vistas they discover. As such, a waterproof camera can make for a great gift that allows them to record their exploration and even make movies from the experience.
  • Dry bag – taking gear upon a paddleboard can be problematic without a dry bag. When equipped with one, even the most valuable equipment can be safely transported across the water, perfect for exploring places only accessible by board.


  • Hammock – during the warmer months there are few greater pleasures for hikers than being able to sleep under the stars. A hammock is a lightweight piece of equipment that can make this possible.
  • Solar pack – an external battery pack that charges via solar power is not only a great accessory for ensuring connectivity during long hiking trips but it can also prevent emergencies.
  • Puffer jacket – a compactable jacket, one that can be kept inside a bag or pocket and then used when should it get cold is a welcome addition to any hiker’s kit.


  • Portable shower – there are now a number of portable pressure showers and water bottle adapters that allow even the wildest camper a refreshing shower in the morning. An ideal gift for those prone to long weekends in the hills.
  • Sleeping pad – balancing comfort with practicality underpins camping. Thankfully, there are now a number of lightweight sleeping pads that offer fantastic comfort on hard and uneven surfaces.
  • Headlamp – A must-have item for all campers, necessary for navigating equipment and landscapes during the night. If your camping friend doesn’t already have one, this is sure to make their Christmas.

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