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5 Ways to Travel around Egypt Sustainably

In recent years, tourism and related practices have been adding a significant strain on the already depleting resources on the planet. For this reason, the World Tourism Organisation has started encouraging individuals to adopt sustainable travel practices.

The main aim of such travel is to minimise the negative impacts and maximise the positive impacts of tourism. That said, we have compiled a list of tips to follow if you wish to travel sustainably while visiting Egypt’s incredible luxury holiday destination.

Why Sustainable Travel around Egypt Is Necessary

Egypt is filled with ancient artefacts dating back a thousand years, making it the oldest destination for luxury adventure holidays. It is brimming with culture and history, which is why the country’s main source of income is tourism. Unfortunately, the constant high influx of tourists visiting Egypt has negatively impacted the environment and local communities. 

Each time we travel, we emit large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. Hence, as responsible visitors to this country, we must do our best to follow sustainable practices to offset the impact of these emissions. This will conserve the local culture so that future generations can also visit and admire the country’s ancient artefacts. 

Opt for Boats

As tourist, nothing can be more fascinating than exploring the city by boat. It is always an unique experience. If you want to visit the Nile or go across it, opting for boats will be the best. 

Travel Slow

When you travel slowly, you minimise the impact of travel on the environment and will also save you money. Exploring Cairo can be hectic and full-on, so taking the time to soak up the city skyline from a sunset felucca cruise can not only be a richly rewarding experience but is also an environmentally sustainable way to see the Nile.

Egypt has recently transformed its railway system and offers sleeper trains that allow you to travel comfortably overnight from one city to the other. 

Stay in Eco-Friendly Accommodation 

You might be surprised to know that there are tons of independently owned, eco-friendly accommodations in Egypt, especially in Cairo. You should have your luxury travel company book you a luxurious lodge or hotel on your trip there. 

This will help reduce your environmental impact since you will be opting for eco-friendly lodging. Moreover, you would also be supporting the local community. To get a first-hand look into the Egyptian culture, you could also visit the Bedouins in the desert. 

These are local Egyptian tribes that welcome tourists. They may show you their tents and allow you to get a taste of their culture. 

Choose a Felucca Rather Than a Cruise

Most people, when visiting Egypt, opt for a cruise on the river Nile. This might be the popular option, but it is not the most sustainable way to travel around the river. Instead, you can choose a felucca ride. These are small, traditional wooden boats that can accommodate up to ten individuals.

They will take you along the river and stop at all of the temples for you to visit. The best thing about them is that they are typically owned and operated by the locals. 

Opt for Sustainable Scuba Diving in the Red Sea

For decades, the Red Sea has been a popular destination for anyone visiting Egypt since it is one of the best scuba diving sites in the world. However, the unsustainable practices via tourism have led to pollution, disturbance to marine life and loss of coral reefs in the area.

As a result, more sustainable tourism initiatives are being adopted so that travellers can admire and interact with the natural beauty of the sea without harming the ecosystem. You should book your visit to the Red Sea with an eco-friendly and sustainable luxury group travel company.

Final Words 

Until recently, little attention was paid to the environmental impact of the plethora of tourists visiting this enchanting and ancient destination. Luckily, changes are being made now, and more people are becoming aware of sustainable travel methods.

Author Bio: Rhodri Andrews

Rhodri Andrews is the Head of Content at SevenTravel, a luxury travel company based in Mayfair, London, that specialises in once-in-a-lifetime experiences. SevenTravel is all about the kind of travel that forges deeper connections with the countries you visit, encouraging you to linger for longer with trips that last ten or more days. Rhodri manages all of SevenTravel’s content, bringing to life the countries, regions and unique tailor-made experiences its clients will discover as well as all the useful information SevenTravel clients need to know before they head off on a luxury holiday of a lifetime. He crafts content for all SevenTravel’s luxury holiday destinations, whether it’s the Arabian charm of Oman to the Amazon jungle of Peru and everything in between. Through his natural curiosity and passion for travel, he also brings SevenTravel’s one-of-a-kind experiences to life, from trekking through the Patagonian wilderness to exploring Morocco’s souks and medinas. Whether you’re a couple, honeymooners or a family embarking on an exciting luxury holiday, the experiences are crafted to suit your personal preferences.

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